How to get very cheap car insurance with no deposit?

by Stable MARK | Updated: August 13, 2022
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If you're looking for the best cheap car insurance with no deposit, then you should definitely consider a monthly payment plan from a top-rated company. Geico, AAA, and USAA are all great options for affordable car insurance without a deposit.

Let's take a closer look at why no-deposit car insurance isn't a good option, and what other choices you have.

How to get very cheap car insurance with no deposit?
Image 1: How to get very cheap car insurance with no deposit?

How no-deposit car insurance works?

No-deposit car insurance is a great option for drivers who want to save money on their monthly premiums. With this type of policy, you'll only have to pay the first month's premium upfront. This initial payment will be applied toward future months' premiums, so it's important to maintain coverage with the company through the length of your policy. This way, you can avoid having to pay a large sum of money all at once if you need to cancel your policy early.

No-deposit car insurance is a great way to save money on your monthly premiums. Your first month with no-deposit car insurance will be the same price as or cheaper than your subsequent months. The size of the deposit, or the extra amount you'll pay on your first premium, depends on factors like your car, driving history, and state. If you have a good driving history and a high credit score, you're more likely to qualify for no-deposit or low-deposit car insurance. No-deposit car insurance isn't a specific policy offered by insurance companies, but it is possible to get car insurance without paying for the first month.

What you should know about no deposit car insurance

Your policy will not go into effect until you pay some of the premia.

Insurance companies are looking for long-term, safe-driving customers when they assess driver profiles. Those who are unable to pay for at least the first month of premiums are seen as a red flag and may have difficulty finding coverage.

When you first sign up for car insurance, the company may charge a higher first-month payment to offset the costs of requesting your full driving history, initial underwriting, and other administrative tasks. Some people refer to this as a deposit.

If you pay monthly instead of paying the full amount upfront, it will cost you more money in the long run.

Paying your insurance premiums in full at the start of your policy can help you save money in the long run. Most insurers offer discounts for customers who choose to do this, so it's worth considering if you're looking for ways to lower your costs.

Is no-deposit car insurance a scam?

Although "no-deposit car insurance" is not a term regularly used by reputable insurers, some disreputable companies may use it in misleading or confusing ways.

Before you can receive coverage, you will need to pay for it upfront. Be wary of companies that claim you can "buy now, pay later" or get your first month free. If these offers sound too good to be true, most probably they aren’t.

Temporary car insurance

If you're looking for cheap, no-deposit car insurance, you might be tempted by companies that claim to offer temporary car insurance. Typically, reputable insurers don't sell auto insurance for less than six months. Paying monthly is the best way to get car insurance for a short period. That way, you can cancel and switch at any time and receive a refund for any premiums you've already paid in advance.

Paying for quotes

Paying for quotes is a scam. If an insurance company or agent states or implies that it's typical to charge for an insurance quote, this is a red flag about that company's trustworthiness. Major car insurance companies will not require a deposit or fee for a quote.

First-month-free offers

Most insurance companies will not activate your policy until they have received proof of payment. Be wary of companies that advertise "$0 down" car insurance. They could be trying to scam you for your personal information. Or they might offer you an enticing deal that is too good to be true and take your money without giving you an actual policy in exchange.

Companies with the cheapest no-deposit car insurance

If you're looking for cheap no-deposit car insurance, Geico, Progressive, and State Farm are all good options. Based on sample quotes for a driver with good driving history, all of these companies had low or no deposits. Progressive is offering a lower rate for the first month than for the following months.

Cheap car insurances from selected companies

First-month cost
Monthly cost
6-month cost
State Farm

While most insurers charge a small fee for monthly payments, we compared three major insurers and found that only State Farm charges the same amount regardless of how you pay your premiums.

Paying a lower premium for your first month may seem like a great deal, but keep in mind that your monthly cost will go up after the first month. Your policy won't have an even monthly cost, so you'll end up paying a little more after the first month. Make sure you can afford the next month's payment to avoid having your policy canceled for nonpayment and becoming uninsured.

How to get low down payment auto insurance?

Typically, the down payment for auto insurance is just your first month's premium. This means that if you want to get "low down payment" or low deposit car insurance, you'll need to get a good rate from your insurer. Essentially, the only choice you might have in lowering your down payment will depend on whether your insurer offers a choice between paying for the first 30 days or the first 45 days of your policy. Obviously, paying for only 30 days will be the cheaper option.

No down payment car insurance does not exist. However, there are ways to lower your down payment and get a more affordable policy. It is important to shop around and compare rates from different insurers before making a decision.

Why do car insurance companies require down payments?

Requiring a down payment on car insurance protects insurance companies from clients who pose a greater financial risk. This is because insurance coverage is designed to predict and prepare for risk. By requiring a down payment, insurance providers can ensure that their clients are less likely to pose a financial risk.

When auto insurers see a driver, who can't pay a down payment, they see someone who is only trying to get the bare minimum insurance required to drive a vehicle off the lot or register it. These people may only want to secure instant car insurance to avoid penalties or meet a car dealership's requirements. A customer like this is a red flag to insurance companies, as they are more likely to cost the company more money in the long run. An insurer might worry that clients who cancel their policy after a short period of time pose a considerable risk. However, this worry is unfounded, as such clients are actually more likely to stick with their policy in the long run.

How to sign up for no-deposit car insurance?

No-deposit car insurance can be a great way to pay for your car insurance in monthly installments without having to put down a large deposit upfront. If you're interested in finding a no-deposit or low-deposit policy, the best place to start is by getting free car insurance quotes from multiple companies and comparing the costs.

Get quotes - if you're looking for the cheapest car insurance, it's important to get quotes from multiple companies. You can get accurate quotes online by filling out information about yourself, your car, and your driving history. Once you have quotes from several companies, compare the first month's costs, as well as the monthly and total costs, to make sure you're getting the best deal.

Set up payments to start your policy - By setting up electronic payments for your car insurance policy, you can enjoy the convenience of automatic billing and never have to worry about missed payments. Many insurers offer instant car insurance with no deposit, so you can get coverage the same day as soon as your payment is processed. Choose the payment method that best suits your needs and take advantage of instant car insurance today.

Set your budget - save money by setting your budget for car insurance each month. You'll be able to better afford the coverage you need by knowing exactly how much you can spend.

Tips for getting very cheap car insurance with no deposit

Understand how temporary car insurance really works

If you're looking for a truly temporary car insurance solution, you're out of luck. The shortest policy term you can get from a reputable company is six months. However, you can cancel or switch your policy at any time by paying monthly. So, if you need car insurance for a short period of time, this is the best option available.

Don’t pay for quotes

You shouldn't have to pay for quotes when shopping for car insurance. Some companies might try to scam you by requiring a deposit in exchange for a quote. But you can rest assured that quotes from reputable companies and comparison sites are always free. If anyone tries to charge you for a quote, they're likely just trying to steal your money.

Beware of scams

When it comes to car insurance, it's important to be aware of scams. If an insurance company is advertising that you can get coverage with no down payment, no deposit, or the first month free, it's likely not a reputable company. It's best to avoid these companies and look for one that has a good reputation.

Don’t be misled by advertising

When a reputable company or insurance agent advertises "no deposit" car insurance, they mean that you won't have to pay anything beyond your first month of premiums. Don't be misled by advertising into thinking that you can get car insurance without any upfront costs.


If you're looking for very cheap car insurance with no deposit, it's unlikely that you'll find it. Most insurers require that you pay upfront for car insurance, even if it's just the first month's premium. However, there are a few things you can do to help lower your costs. Also, consider raising your deductible and/or dropping certain coverage options to help lower your premiums.

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