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Acme The Metropolitan Police Whistle J Hudson And Co Birmingham Antique 1889

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Experience a piece of history with the Acme The Metropolitan Police Whistle by J Hudson And Co Birmingham, dating back to 1889. This antique whistle, crafted during the Victorian era, exudes charm and authenticity. According to the Whistle Museum's dating criteria, it bears distinct features indicative of its time, including the thin concave loop and the 'Sand clock' shaped mouthpiece. Notably, the address on the body, with a dot after the 13 and an un-underlined 'T', further authenticates its production between 1889 and 1900.

The Metropolitan whistle is elegantly designed, with 'THE M' and 'PATENT' adorned in a fancy font, while the rest of the interlude is in a standard font, adding to its allure. This whistle offers a tangible connection to the past. Despite its age, it remains in remarkable working condition and is exceptionally well-preserved, making it a prized addition to any collection.


  • Length: 8 cm (3.15 inches)
  • Weight: 34 grams (1.20 ounces)

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Harmony in Whistles: Unveiling the Intriguing Saga of Joseph Hudson - Founder of J Hudson & Co, Crafting Echoes in the Victorian Streets, Pioneering the Metropolitan Police Whistle

Acme The Metropolitan Police Whistle J Hudson And Co Birmingham Antique 1889

Acme The Metropolitan Police Whistle J Hudson And Co Birmingham Antique 1889

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The History Of Joseph Hudson - The Founder Of J Hudson & Co

Joseph Hudson (1848–1930) was an inventor in Birmingham, England during the late 19th century and the founder of J Hudson & Co. in 1870, later to become the world's largest whistle manufacturer. Hudson began his career at the age of 12 in Birmingham's engineering workshops, where he honed his skills as a toolmaker over seven years. These early experiences shaped him into a skilled craftsman in metal, setting the stage for the founding of J Hudson & Co Whistles Ltd.

Portrait von Joseph Hudson Portrait of Joseph Hudson (1848 – 1930)
Image: Portrait of Joseph Hudson (1848 – 1930)

The UK Police's need for a whistle in the din of Victorian city streets

As Victorian city streets became increasingly noisy, Joseph Hudson recognized the need for a whistle that could cut through the cacophony and command attention. The din of mechanical sounds in railway stations and bustling streets prompted Hudson to devise a whistle that would stand out and assert authority amid the environmental noise. This insight laid the groundwork for addressing the specific needs of law enforcement in urban settings.

J. Hudson & Co. The Metropolitan Whistle and Brass Foundry Works
Image: J. Hudson & Co. The Metropolitan Whistle and Brass Foundry Works.
Source: Acme Whistles Website: The First Whistle

The creation of the Metropolitan Police Whistle

The Metropolitan Police in London sought a more effective means of communication for their officers patrolling the streets. In 1883, Hudson entered a competition held by the Metropolitan police force to design a better attention-grabbing device. Winning the contract, he provided the police with his innovative whistle, a small yet powerful instrument. Before this, police relied on hand rattles, and whistles were primarily associated with music or toys. Hudson's whistle, with its distinctive and authoritative sound, revolutionized police communication, remaining in use worldwide over a mile's distance and proving 100% reliable.

Plakat aus dem Jahr 1884 bewirbt die weltweit erste Polizeipfeife
Image: Vintage poster from 1884 showcasing the world's inaugural police whistle, The Metropolitan Whistle, still in use by the British police today. Tested on Hampstead Heath in London, its resounding sound was heard over two miles away (3.2km), marking a historic moment in law enforcement auditory communication.
Source: Acme Whistles Website: The First Whistle
22nd whistle ever made
Image: 22nd whistle ever made.
Source: Acme Whistles Website: The First Whistle

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